11 300x204 The Erawan Museum

PLACE: The Erawan Museum (chang erawan)
LOCATION: Sukhumvit Road as you enter Samut Prakan
OPENING HOURS: 8 a.m.-6 p.m.
ADMISSION: 150 baht for adults, 50 baht for children. 50 baht baht for visiting the grounds only. Thai people same price.

31 The Erawan Museum
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As you drive into Samut Prakan Province from Bangkok, you can't help but notice the giant three-headed elephant alongside Sukhumvit Road. This is the Erawan Museum contained within the world's largest elephant. The height is about 50 metres or 15 storeys high. The five storey museum inside the elephant contains antiquities. The Erawan Museum is owned by the same ompany as Ancient Siam. You can join tours that go every half an hour. This starts in the base of the pedestal which is a kind of museum of antiquities. Then you go up inside right up to the belly of the elephant. Make sure that you check out the small window that gives you fine views of the surrounding area.

Getting there: Bus no. 25, 142, 365 and air-con bus 102, 507, 511, 536. A taxi from On Nut Sky Train station won't cost more than 100 baht and will take about 35 minutes. Click here for more information on transport.

If you are driving from Bangkok to The Erawan Museum along Sukhumvit Road, these are the two signs that you need to look out for. (Click on the images to see bigger versions.) You will see them shortly after Carrefour Samrong on your left. This is the Kanchanaphisek Outer Ring Road. It is a little tricky since they built this intersection. You need to turn left following the sign for "Bang Na" but don't go up the ramp to the Outer Ring Road. Take the road on the left of the ramp and then do a u-turn under it. You will then see the parking for The Erawan Museum almost straight away on your left.