Yasothon Bun Bangfai Rocket Festival

Rocket Festival is one of Thailand's very interesting events held in the second week of May of each year. The festival is also called Boon Bang Fai. The festival is held in the rainy seasons as the farmers get ready to cultivate their paddy fields. The festival is an important event in the Thai calendar already filled with many interesting events. The festival is usually celebrated in the north eastern provinces of Thailand like Yasothorn and is actually an appeasement to the rain gods for giving plenty rain in the rainy seasons coming. The Rocket Festival has a very important folklore attached to it where it recounts the story of a rain god named Vassacan who loved fire and thus villagers were forced to send him rockets. The villagers and natives make rockets under the guidance of the Buddhist monks and scholars and usually the rocket contain 20-25kilograms of gunpowder and ideally a rocket is 9meters in Length.
The Rocket Festival sees natives carrying rockets in the processions to the site. All those who gather to see the events are dressed in very colorful clothes and costumes. There is also singing and dancing to accompany the festival and the most important time of the event comes when the rockets are ignited and launched from the sites. As the rockets are lit there is cheer from the noisy crowds who gather and the person whose rocket goes up to the highest level is adjudged the winner. The winner then leads the way for the natives to follow and the losers are thrown in to a mud pit. This year's event would see women performing with others carrying the rockets in the shape of snakes.

Thus come and be a part of this very colorful event as the madness unfolds during the day.