Background of the traditional flower monks.

According to Buddhist beliefs. The monks of flowers is a virtue very lofty.
The appearance of Buddhist legend that God Pim Pim Journal. King of Krung Ratchakrut. Jasmine very gracious.
Each day will bring ??????? to Malachy jasmine live up to the present day, eight hand

 Flowers monks Festival.  Flowers monks Festival.

One day, while Malachy are collected and jasmine
Lord Buddha found. With a number of Buddhist monks receive food came out ?.
Malachy and noticed Pan Rangsee screening sparks around the Yrnuri.
Cause great conviction Buddha.
Mala said the decision to give the jasmine upon Buddha
At the same time I pray that mind set. Rice all that God Pim Pim has given substance to a provision in Phop only.
However, bringing flowers to the Buddha sacrifice. A virtue either Phop and the other world
If being executed because it did not give consent jasmine.

But aware of his wife, Malachy. I fear that the husband is punished not follow the commandment of God, Pim Pim Journal.
I escaped from home. But after the Lord Pim Pim substances known to his royal Honorable Paul greatly
And to distribute prizes. Good liking to Mr. florist
Since then, the life of Malachy and I are very happy.

Chao Phra district to adhere to traditional customs monks flower key Practice successor.
Come together every year. And the monks took the first day of the waning moon of the eighth month every year.
Flower Festival is the day the monks.
Governance in the Finals, when monks receive alms from Buddhist ? flowers.
Then remove the sacred pagoda containing the snake's fangs of Lord Buddha then.
Phra Mahathat Chedi worship big body that contains the Grand Buddha's relics And to the church ceremony.
Prayer Buddhist Lent

Flower Festival is a tradition important to the monks in the temple Buddha pairs. Jed long time.
Brothers Buddha and the people nearby. Buddhist Lent will take each year (one evening match RAM 8 months).
Flowers are on the monks.

And since 2544 onwards, Saraburi Province. Increased number of flowers from the monks on a day to three days.
A two day ceremony flowers monks around the morning 10.00 am Afternoon 15.00 hours
Flower Festival this year, the monks meet on 20-22 July 2548.
On the first day of the event is on July 20, 2548 formal worship Duang Spirit. HRH Songtham.
And the sacred territory of the Buddha.

Evening train troops HRH Songtham. Train blossoms Folk Art and Cultural Show.
And various train will start moving out of the Home Office, Municipal Buddha.
Phaholyothin Road, and turn to the one at Wat Phra Jed.
The opening ceremony will be monks in the evening flowers flowers upon the monks. Buddhist monks must be
"Flower Buddhist Lent, only

Buddhist Lent is a columbine flower from early Krachai like eyeballs or turmeric, a fraction progress.
Flower yellow Purple, white and blue. Buddhist Lent is early flowers. Up the hill Pho Lanka.
He Suwanbanpot band or mountains, and push him near the Footprint.
And will benefit only the Buddhist Lent only. And people called to be appropriate that "From Buddhist Lent.

Buddhist Lent, Buddhists from flower to flower to collect the yellow flowers, white seems to be badly ??? not easy to find.
But the Buddhist Lent purple flower store. He considered that if someone out to collect Buddhist Lent purple flowers to put the Bat.
People will be much merit other than bringing flowers to the monks.

After walking the monks receive food from the Buddhists and ?. Bring flowers to worship
"Footprint" Chulamanee pagoda. Pagoda which contains the snake's fangs model of Lord Buddha.
Then worship the Lord Maha Chedi large The Buddhist pagoda, regarded as containing the Grand Buddha's relics

This pagoda body. Phra That Phanom same shape. A salute to Lord Buddha.
And while walking down from the monks that the Buddha. Buddhists will bring clean water to wash Er monk
The treated water has washed the feet of monks such as paid. Wash their sins.

For the monks held ??? ? Nee flowers on the second day of the event. Ceremony flowers are monks.
Second round is at 10.00 am and 15.00 pm on the last day of the event. This matches the Buddhist Lent.
Royal Candle Ceremony will be presented. And Candle at the temple Wat Phra Jed.

Traditional flowers and give alms Candle Annual 2548 also other activities of interest.
Such as OTOP products beauty queen contest monks flower
Flower Exhibition monks. Competition Florists banana leaf. And many other activities.

"Monks Flower" is an old tradition. It should cost more because of the conservation of one another.
And is the only Buddha, Jed. In addition to Buddhist people. Will have great merit.
Presented with flowers upon Buddhist Lent Buddhist monks. But also excited. Wake up and train former incarnation heart procession culture
And folk art performances by
That is indispensable. The beauty of the flower Buddhist Lent The fluorescent Wat Phra throughout all three days.